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Men 672: 10/01-04, 2020
Women 673: 10/15-18, 2020

Daily Spiritual Guide for July 14th

The Governor of California has shut many business again, so here we are again to ponder, where are we going. Perhaps this is a good time to ask ourselves: Is my life moving toward God, or away from Him ? 

Daily Spiritual Guide for July 13th

Most people enjoy a really good love story.  My wife Sheila watches the Hallmark Channel because they still have descent wholesome love stories.  In fact it’s about the only channel we both watch these days. But the greatest love story

Daily Spiritual Guide for July 12th

In today’s parable of the sower, Jesus tells us about the way he gives out gifts, especially the gift of the Word of God.  He tells us that in all of our lives we have footpaths, some rocky ground and

Daily Spiritual Guide for July 11th

It was so good to see those who participated this morning in our monthly School of Leaders .  Even though we are restricted in being physically together it’s important that we remain in contact with one another !  It’s important

Daily Spiritual Guide for July 10th

Jesus never said it would be easy, he only promised us that it would be worth it.  If it was easy to do his work, there would be no shortage of disciples.  He knows however that what makes It possible

Daily Spiritual Guide for July 9th

Who were the people that Jesus called to follow him.  They were ordinary fishermen.  They didn’t look different than any of the other townspeople.  They didn’t look pious. They were regular folks.  When Jesus called them they were mending their

Daily Spiritual Guide for July 8th

In the gospel today Jesus calls his disciples by name and sends them out with the proclamation; “The Kingdom of heaven is at hand.”  The fact is he has called you by name to go out and do the same

Daily Spiritual Guide for July 7th

In the Gospel  today they bring to Jesus a man possesses by a demonic who could not speak on the hope that Jesus would set him free. These neighbors undoubtedly took pity on him because of his double impediment.  Jesus

Daily Spiritual Guide for July 6th

What kind of foundation is my life built on ?  What principles have I built my life around ?  Most people sincerely want to do the right thing. But it can be difficult when we go through a serious crisis

Daily Spiritual Guide for July 5th

We are currently in a period in our Catholic Church we call Ordinary Time.  During this time we wear green vestments representing a time of growth and hope.  Thinking about this year however I do not think I would use