Description: Create a combined team list that automatically populates from the database and looks like the standard team list that the Secretary has created and distributed in PDF.


  1. Reduce Secretary workload.
  2. Effective document version control.
  3. Real time updates.

1.5 Logic for dynamic tables of Auxiliary, Cooks and Non-Assigned revised so each table works independently; cooks will not show when they are not assigned even though Auxiliary are assigned.  Stray closing row tag removed, fixes print issues.

1.4 Added Candidate page(s). Confirmed candidates auto-highlight.  All data is dynamic.  Required creating two new tables in the Database: Events, Event_Types.  These tables can only be populated by MySQL/MyPHPAdmin for now.

1.3 2015.02.11 Optimized MySQL Queries.  Page loads in a little over 1 second.  Need to add “Active” column for Cursillos to the Administrative page so that the secretary can activate the most current Cursillo number and the list will update auto-magically.

1.2 2015.02.10 Reworked MySQL and PHP.  Revised template – splashes removed.  Applied CSS, looks much like the PDF version now.  Page loads slow (relatively that is – less than 30 seconds), might possibly be User Defined functions in MySQL.  Test the page here:  Compare with the PDF here:

1.1 2015.01.23 Debugged PHP.  Need to make better template and apply CSS.

1.0 2015.01.17 MySQL code written.  Need to debug PHP.