Description: Create a secure way for Cursillistas to view their database statistics.


  1. Data could be verified by each Cursillista
  2. Membership would facilitate closed network commenting on website pages and encourage online social interaction


  1. Infrastructure exists and could be plugged into
  2. ***Requires several dedicated moderators to manage log in credentials and comments***

To do:

  • Add Candidate list to “Cursillos” page
  • Add post-Cursillo content – Done
  • Set up default photos – cancelled
  • Create Cursillistas ‘profile’ for non-members
  • Add Events table to Managers panel (may spin this off as a separate project)

1.10 2015.08.

1.9 2015.06.23 Alpha and Beta test rolled out.  CSV Import debugged.  Post Cursillo section added as “Sponsorship”.  Post-Cursillo secretary to update Sponsorship content.  Grouping section added.  Modified Events table, adding fields for open grouping details.  Populated data in Events table for Open Groups.  More styling adjusted.  Menus modified to include new sections.

1.8 2015.05.24-25 Restyled Profile page, added profile stats, added sponsorship data, revised profile pages to work on profile ID instead of full_name.  Troubleshot user import.

1.7 2015.05.15-17 Removed tabs in favor of menu driven content.  Styled menus.  Created Child theme for Responsive parent theme.  Styled Responsive-Child theme for mobile use.  Set up member specific menus.  Completed “Cursillos” menu (shows all Curillos with links to team list.

1.6 2015.05.07-08 Created “My Weekends” tab showing all weekends worked for the Profiled person.  All weekends have links to Team pages.  Created Team pages with names as links to profile pages.  Added feature to sort either table by any column heading.  Started query for “Cursillos” tab.

1.5 2015.05.01 Replaced tabs logic with pure CSS version to avoid conflict with JQuery used in WPTouch Plugin.  Styled tabs.  Inserted short-code to Member Profile.  Created Child theme for adding styles and scripts.  Tested WordPress’ native mobile theme (might be a fair exchange if maintaining WPTouch gets wonky from too many updates).

1.4 2015.04.30 Added form field for Street.  Added Tabs.  Styled some tab areas.

1.3 2015.04.27 Built forms, styled profiles, settings for Members reveal sections with demographic data.

1.2 2015.04.26 Tested importing user to WP Members with Cursillista CID stores as user metadata, for matching WP users with Cursillistas table in OC Cursillo database.  Test successful.

1.1 2015.04.25 Added unique field in WP user metadata for keying on OC Cursillo Cursillistas table.  Installed and tested plugins: tabbed posts/pages plugin, import users

1.0 2015.04.24 Moving forward with Members section as other projects (such as Grouping pages and Post Weekend welcome pages) hinge on this one.  To address item 2 in the scope above, this project can be launched with the commenting option disabled, and reset credentials credentials can be automated.

Installed and tested private members section