Description: Create a maintenance page for Parish-Rep Coordinator to update and insert Parish Representatives into database

Benefit: Allows Parish Rep Coordinator to effect real time updates as reps are assigned.

1.5 2014.11.11

  • Renamed table fields from alpha numeric to alpha only for compliance with PHP in management pages.
  • Revised PHP for Parish Rep front end page.  Renaming fields for management pages temporarily caused errors for visitors.

1.4 2014.11.10

  • Project completed and launched.

1.3 2014.11.04

  • SQL error debugged

1.2 2014.11.02

  • Modified management pages to include look-up wizard
    • to pull CID from Cursillistats table
    • to show Cusillista name rather than CID
    • SQL results bug persists

1.1 2014.10.18

  • Created new Parish Rep webpage
    • New query to load new parish data
    • SQL/PHP code replaces null records with Parish Rep Coordinator contact info
    • Style matches old form – seamless to user

1.0 2014.09.27

  • Migrated data to Cursillistats database
    • meets database management norms
    • keeps data relational
  • Created Deanery table
  • Created fields in Parishes table
    • Rep ID (2)
    • Rep Email IDs (2)
    • Rep Phone IDs (2)
    • Deanery ID
  • Added field to  Cursillista table
    • email2 – accommodates dedicated parish rep email