As Cursillo weekends approach, we get busier processing applications for prospective candidates. It is always so wonderful to receive many applications!
For you new “Cursillistas,” here are some quick guidelines to review and follow for a successful process. You want to be the best sponsor you can be for your candidate so please take the time to complete each step!

  • Make a friend! Be a friend! Bring that friend to Christ!
  • After candidate accepts your invitation to make a Cursillo, give them a blank application. You can download it from the website, Make sure they are aware of the dates of the weekend and are able to attend. If they cannot make “this one,” there is always another one. Remember, it’s in God’s time not ours.
  • Ask them to fill out the “Candidate” side. When he/she returns it to you, please make sure all of the critical information is completed (i.e., name, address, parish, city of parish phone numbers and email). This is my only way to communicate with them. Let them know that you will keep in contact with them as to the progress of their application.
  • You may now fill out the “Sponsor” side of the application. Fill out your contact information completely. Answer all questions about your candidate completely and honestly so we can began to know him/her. The “health problems” area is very important.
  • This is very important!!! Please make every effort to get the candidate’s parish rep and pastor/associate pastor to sign the application. If the candidate is not from your parish, this means making a trip to their parish to obtain these signatures. It is advisable to inform the parish that you will gladly pick it up after the pastor signs it, this way you can personally mail it to Deacon Doug. You can find a list of parish reps and contact information on the Cursillo website. If there is no rep for that parish, please make every effort to obtain the pastor’s signature.
    If this becomes a problem, contact me or Deacon Doug for help and advice.
  • Finally…..when all signatures have been obtained, and you have picked up the application from the candidate’s parish, mail both sides to Deacon Doug.Deacon Doug Cook
    San Antonio de Padua Church
    5800 E. Santa Ana Canyon Rd.
    Anaheim Hills, CA 92807; Fax: (714) 974-9630

    Once Deacon Doug approves the application, he will give it to me and I will begin the communication process. It is very important to stay in contact with your candidate prior to make the weekend. If, for whatever reason, he/she cannot make the weekend, please call or email IMMEDIATELY.