(A Summary of points to use in a talk for the Ultreya)
Cursillo is Not!

  1. A method to help bad people become good or very troubled people to
    become well.
  2. A recruiting tool for Pastors.
  3. A way to “modernize” a person’s view of the Catholic faith.
  4. A recruiting tool for social action programs. Right to life, etc.
  5. A leadership training method for other movements or organizations.

Cursillo Is!

  1. A movement of the Church that makes it possible to live is fundamental for being a Christian.
  2. It helps people discover their personal vocations.
  3. It promotes the creation of core groups of Christians who leaven their
    environments with the Gospel.

Sponsoring Is!

  1. Identifying those individuals in your environment that have the ability to bring Jesus Christ into their environments.
  2. A deliberate act, with full knowledge of your candidate, that will enable Christ-sharing relationships.
  3.  A fulfillment of our calling to evangelize the world.

A Candidate Is!

  1. Individuals who are active in their environments.
  2. Individuals who are mature, responsible, and active in some way in the community.
  3. Catholic.
  4. Who do not have emotional, physical, or moral problems.
  5. If married, participation should not hinder the marriage.

How to Sponsor?

  1. Don’t say “You just have to go, but I can’t tell you anything about it
    because it will spoil it for you”.
  2. Do explain about Grouping reunions and Ultreyas.
  3. Do explain to the candidate that Cursillo is an uplifting weekend. That
    there is a lot of prayer for the candidates and by the canadidates. That
    food is great, and any special needs can be met.
  4. Do give your candidate the booklet, “What is the Cursillo Movement”.
  5. Take your candidate to Marywood. And make sure he/she has all the
    necessary items for the weekend (eg: ear plugs).
  6. Participate in Mananitas and Closura and pray for your candidate.
  7. After the weekend invite them to your Grouping or find them another one.
    Take them to Ultreyas. Ask them about their family and work
    environments. Who will they be sponsoring? Personal contact is