Pre- Cursillo
___ Show Candidate how Sponsor lives Christian life by loving God and neighbor
___ Palanca, Palanca, Palanca !!
___ Ensure Candidate understands purpose of Cursillo
___ Explain what will happen on each day of the weekend
___ Explain Post-Cursillo Grouping and Ultreya
___ Explain facilities, things to bring and not to bring
___ Document any special medical, dietary, etc. requirements of Candidate
___ Help fill out/review Candidate form with Candidate
___ Complete Sponsor form
___ Coordinate with Parish Representative
___ Expedite all paperwork through the Parish Representative
___ More Palanca and write Palanca Note
___ Deliver Candidate to Cursillo weekend
___ Return the new Cursillista to their home
___ Attend Post-Cursillo Ultreya with new Cursillista
___ Ensure the new Cursillista has access to a Group and does, indeed, Group
___ Report Grouping status to Parish Representative
___ Have mentoring one-on-one session once every four to six weeks with new
Cursillista for at least six months after the Cursillo Weekend