1. The candidate needs to be a Baptized Catholic and should be practicing their faith, or after receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation are in a position to return to the sacraments.
  2. A non-Catholic spouse of a Catholic may attend Cursillo if there is an interest in joining the Catholic Church and if the Catholic is also planning to attend the Cursillo.
  3. The candidate, if married, needs to be married validly in the Catholic Church. If a candidate is not validly married in the Catholic Church, the sponsor must attach a letter stating his/her best understanding of whether or not the candidate has expressed a desire to have their marriage blessed by the church, and the extent to which the candidate is presently practicing the Catholic faith.
  4. It is preferred that, if married, both husband and wife attend the Cursillo although this does not preclude a married individual from going to Cursillo without their spouse especially if they are active in the Church.
  5. Single, divorced and widowed candidates are openly welcome to attend Cursillo.
  6. Clergy and religious are encouraged to attend the Cursillo.
  7. If someone does not meet the above criteria they may still be accepted to attend at the discretion of the Spiritual Director given a written letter from the candidate’s sponsor explaining why an exception should be granted. A statement from the candidate’s pastor or priest would also be most helpful.
  8. A Cursillo is physically and emotionally demanding. If a candidate has serious medical, mental or general health problems, the sponsor should include a letter outlining why he/she feels the candidate possesses the required stamina to successfully complete the weekend without excessively burdening the team members.
  9. If the candidate has recently undergone a life changing event such as divorce, death of a spouse, job loss, financial crisis, etc, it is better to wait until the candidate’s life settles down before attending Cursillo.