Think of it like new wine (Jn 2:1-11). According to the head waiter, the old wine was good and the new wine is exceedingly good… let me explain…

The previous website was built and maintained in charity by good people responding to the need of the community. Likewise, the new website is built and maintained in charity by good people meeting the increased need of an increased community and beyond.

Here are some of the problems faced by this growing community that are resolved or will soon be resolved by the new website:

  • Document Version Control – It was difficult for users to know what was the most recent candidate list and when it was updated.  There is no longer a need to create documents of this kind.
  • Time Sensitive Updates – The lists and news had to be created, edited and uploaded.  Now lists are built on-the-fly as soon as data is entered into the database.
  • Multiple Distribution Channels – Lists used to be sent through Google Groups or by email and then posted to the website, requiring management of multiple streams.  Now they will be available exclusively on the website.
  • Code Heavy Content – All posts, pages and documents had to be added directly in php, html and css through an ftp connection, requiring at least one person with a specific skill-set; a webmaster.  Now content can be managed through an interface that is as familiar as Microsoft Word and can be managed by many persons; contributors, editors, administrators etc.
  • Information Delivery – Information was downloaded, adding more steps to getting what you came for, and taking up local storage space.  Now information is delivered directly inline and temporarily occupies a tiny space on the user’s device.
  • Screen Estate – In order to view a page on a cell phone or tablet the page had to be constantly re-sized and scrolled.  Static menus could not be collapsed to save valuabel space.  Now the site adjusts for smaller screens and gives mobile users the option to switch interfaces.  Menus expand and collapse by click or tap.
  • Time Intensive Labor – Previously, volunteers had to create content, sometimes convert to pdf, email it, duplicate the information in a database, convert again to code and upload – 4 to 6 steps by two or more persons.  Now, content is created in a web interface (much like social media applications) and published – 2 steps.  The old way meant that making revisions redoubled the same 6 step process for everyone involved.  The new process for revisions involves one person and just 2 steps.

There are many more benefits to the new site that have yet to be fully realized by the community and especially on the administrative side, which we’ll reveal and discover in due time.

Yes, all these things were possible to accomplish on the previous website, but only with increasing complexity as new technologies continue to develop.  This new website can grow with the community for quite some time.

Someday, probably sooner than expected, this website will become obsolete, and when that happens we won’t miss anything that we used to have because everything we had, we will still have; just magnified in a new way.  It will be like new wine, both reminiscent and effervescent,  tasting a little like the first and yet refreshed, making us marvel at the surpassing goodness of God.

Tim Bartel
OC Cursillo Communications Secretary (webmaster)