I am a convert and became Catholic after I met my husband because he was so faithful, but it was always his faith and never really became my faith. However, my husband passed away before our 10 th anniversary and I was lost. I knew Pat was in heaven with God. He had such a look of peace on his face when he died that I knew God took him home. But I felt abandoned by God. I knew God loved everyone, but felt I was loved “just in general.” “Nothing special.” On my Cursillo weekend, I came to know that I was loved by God in a special, everlasting way. I came to know that God was always with me, and always would be. And God gave me the gift of my Cursillo friends and community so that I would always be reminded of God’s love and presence.
Cursillo changed my life and I received the gifts that God wanted me to have, in God’s time.

Karen Crowley