Need a sponsor?

Most likely, you already have a sponsor who is helping you through the application process.  If you do not have a sponsor and need one, please lookup your parish representative on this Parish Representative List.  Orange County parishes are listed first and all other counties are later in the list so be sure to scroll through the whole list to find your parish representative.  If your parish representative is not listed, please contact and/or to assist you in finding a sponsor.

Candidate Instructions

The candidate is responsible for filling out the Candidate Application page and providing it to their sponsor.

Sponsor Instructions

Please review “Sponsoring Do’s and Don’ts” to re-familiarize yourself with the sponsor responsibilities and fill out the Sponsor Application page of the application.  Once both pages of the application are complete, the sponsor is responsible notifying their parish representative of the new candidate and mailing the completed application and deposit to:

Deacon Doug Cook, Cursillo Executive Director
San Antonio de Padua Church
5800 E. Santa Ana Canyon Rd.
Anaheim Hills, CA 92807

Also fax both pages of application to Deacon Doug Cook at 714 974 9630.

For questions please email the Cursillo Weekend Secretary at or call 562-310-4620.