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News from the extended Cursillo family

My Fellow Cursillistas, I am writing June’s “Calling All Cursillistas” a little early this month in conjunction with Deacon Doug, and we would like to encourage you to attend the upcoming National Cursillo Encounter. There is also a deadline for

National Cursillo offers an online flyer detialing frequently asked questions including: What to Expect Why an encounter? Registration Accommodations Maps Palanca Schedule

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, As we prepare to enter into the season of lent we would like to take this opportunity to wish you a spiritual and fulfilling journey to the glories of Easter. We pray that you

The VII Cursillo World Encounter was held at St. Leo’s College within the campus of the University of Queensland, Australia.  The Encounter was an exuberant gathering of 187 delegates and observers from 23 countries.

For details download or view the report on pdf
View VII Cursillo World Encounter – Australia pdf
Download VII Cursillo World Encounter Australia pdf

This Summer our National Cursillo Movement has chosen Chapman University in Orange to hold the National Encounter. During the encounter, participants listen to talks covering a myriad of subjects probing the essence of our beautiful movement and edification of all Cursillistas.

The Orange County Cursillo Community has been truly blessed by National Cursillo and has been entrusted to host the 2014 National Encounter at Chapman University in Orange. We

Registration is now open:

The fee has been reduced by $50 this year.

While you are on the National website, be sure to visit the “Resouce Center” and listen to rollos from last year’s encounter. The talks are excellent. (english) (spanish) (vietnamese)