The Group Reunion is a small group (2 to 6) of Cursillistas that meet on a regular basis. The purpose of this meeting is to share with one another the growth that has taken place within each of us.  We also challenge and hold each other accountable for continuing to grow our piety, study and action (PSA).

In a Group Reunion, we:

  • deepen our friendships
  • help one another to live according to the Gospel
  • share our spiritual life (piety)
  • grow in the knowledge of Christ (study)
  • prepare to bring a Christ like attitude to our environments (action)
  • prepare for passing on to others what we have learned

The Group Reunion provides the continual support we need in order to persevere as a part of God’s plan.

Open Groups

Last Updated: April 9, 2023

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Women’s Open Groups
Men’s Open Groups

Guidelines for Sharing during your grouping session.



” The coals will burn strongly if they burn together;
If you separate them, their heat will diminish and they will become cold.”