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A call to Action!

De Colores Fellow Cursillistas! Please see the information below. It is a memo from the National Cursillo Service Administrator, Nadia Lopez Valladolid, regarding the month of June and the Day of Prayer National Palanca Intentions. Please note: If you would rather

This July feels a bit strange to me in the Cursillo community. Normally at this time we are in the final stages of preparing for our July weekends – heat and all – at Marywood.  However, this year we are

My Fellow Cursillistas, I am writing June’s “Calling All Cursillistas” a little early this month in conjunction with Deacon Doug, and we would like to encourage you to attend the upcoming National Cursillo Encounter. There is also a deadline for

We have just wrapped up another amazing pair of weekends at Divine Word which reminds me (yet again!) just how important our Movement is in transforming lives and environments. Our next weekends will not be until October, however. This unusual

Well… It happened again… Another Cursillista was selected, last Saturday night, as The Catholic Man of the Year 2014. Greg Weiler, a long time Cursillista, celebrated his twenty-year anniversary of being a Cursillista by hearing his name called out during

On April 1st 2014, Nick Williams will become the eighth Lay Director of Orange County Cursillo since the inception of our diocese in 1976. He was unanimously elected by our hard working Cursillo Secretariat and approved by Bishop Kevin Vann

This Summer our National Cursillo Movement has chosen Chapman University in Orange to hold the National Encounter. During the encounter, participants listen to talks covering a myriad of subjects probing the essence of our beautiful movement and edification of all Cursillistas.

The Orange County Cursillo Community has been truly blessed by National Cursillo and has been entrusted to host the 2014 National Encounter at Chapman University in Orange. We