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Men 672: 04/16-19, 2020
Women 674: 04/30-03, 2020

Daily Spiritual Guide for June 2nd

I am beginning today with a quote from Bishop Donald Hying of Madison, Wisconsin.  “Racism is always a sin. Our society can and will, by the grace of God, overcome the injustices with which this sin infects our community.  If

Daily Spiritual Guide for June 1st

When we look at the senseless killing of George Floyd, the rioting in our cities, the looting and defacing of businesses and churches, the limiting of the number of people allowed in a church due to Covid-19, It’s hard to

Daily Spiritual Guide for May 31st

First let me say “Happy Birthday “ to our church as today is the day it all began. Also let me say that what we see in the news is the devil running rampant thru our cities. It started with

Daily Spiritual Guide for May 30th

We read today in Acts 28:16; “Paul was under house arrest. As he awaited his trial in Rome, he lived by himself with a soldier guarding him, and people continued to visit him.” Just like us Paul was quarantine but

Daily Spiritual Guide for May 29th

For many years now Catholics have been drifting away from regular mass attendance. People speculate on the reason for this and there is probably a combination of reasons.  One possibility seems to be that some people don’t come to mass

Daily Spiritual Guide for May 28th

The gospels were preached long before they were ever written down. I would guess Peter heard the story of his denial in the courtyard told over and over again.  I wonder how he felt? The other apostles must have also

Daily Spiritual Guide for May 27th

When I was working and living in England, I would visit a different Historical site each weekend.  One Saturday I traveled to Canterbury to see the Cathedral where St. Thomas Becket Bishop of Canterbury  was murdered while at the altar. 

Daily Spiritual Guide for May 26th

The apostles were anything but perfect and the Gospels tell me more about their faults than their virtues. Think about it; they bickered, they fought over who would be first, they wanted power, Peter denied he knew him, they deserted

Daily Spiritual Guide for May 25th

Our prayers today for all who gave their lives that we may be free. We know that freedom comes at a price, even religious freedom. Jesus says that in the world we will have trouble. We see that today as we fight

Daily Spiritual Guide for May 24th

Happy Ascension Sunday to all of you.  The good news today is that Bishop Vann will open our churches for mass on June 14.  We don’t know however the number of people that will be allowed by the Governor of