Changes Log - In Progress

Awards Widget and Bio Pages

Description: Create an awards widget to go above Events Widget that will list our Chosen Nominees for Catholic Man/Woman of the year.  Maybe even include an archive of previous winners.

Benefit: Serves as an award for those we have elected to represent Cursillo.  Lasts for one year.

1.0 2015.04.24 Populated Desktop widget with 2015 winners

Backup all databases

Description: Implement a process for regular backups of active databases.

Benefits: Disaster recovery


Event Sign In

Description: Create a password protected online event sign in page, where the password is given at the event.  Allows Cursillistas to sign in for School Of Leaders, Ultreyas etc.


  1. Allows Communications Secretary to poll active Cursillistas for Team selection.
Membership Accounts

Description: Create a secure way for Cursillistas to view their database statistics.


  1. Data could be verified by each Cursillista
  2. Membership would facilitate closed network commenting on website pages and encourage online social interaction


  1. Infrastructure exists and could be plugged into
  2. ***Requires several dedicated moderators to manage log in credentials and comments***

To do:

  • Add Candidate list to “Cursillos” page
  • Add post-Cursillo content – Done
  • Set up default photos – cancelled
  • Create Cursillistas ‘profile’ for non-members
  • Add Events table to Managers panel (may spin this off as a separate project)

1.10 2015.08.

1.9 2015.06.23 Alpha and Beta test rolled out.  CSV Import debugged.  Post Cursillo section added as “Sponsorship”.  Post-Cursillo secretary to update Sponsorship content.  Grouping section added.  Modified Events table, adding fields for open grouping details.  Populated data in Events table for Open Groups.  More styling adjusted.  Menus modified to include new sections.

1.8 2015.05.24-25 Restyled Profile page, added profile stats, added sponsorship data, revised profile pages to work on profile ID instead of full_name.  Troubleshot user import.

1.7 2015.05.15-17 Removed tabs in favor of menu driven content.  Styled menus.  Created Child theme for Responsive parent theme.  Styled Responsive-Child theme for mobile use.  Set up member specific menus.  Completed “Cursillos” menu (shows all Curillos with links to team list.

1.6 2015.05.07-08 Created “My Weekends” tab showing all weekends worked for the Profiled person.  All weekends have links to Team pages.  Created Team pages with names as links to profile pages.  Added feature to sort either table by any column heading.  Started query for “Cursillos” tab.

1.5 2015.05.01 Replaced tabs logic with pure CSS version to avoid conflict with JQuery used in WPTouch Plugin.  Styled tabs.  Inserted short-code to Member Profile.  Created Child theme for adding styles and scripts.  Tested WordPress’ native mobile theme (might be a fair exchange if maintaining WPTouch gets wonky from too many updates).

1.4 2015.04.30 Added form field for Street.  Added Tabs.  Styled some tab areas.

1.3 2015.04.27 Built forms, styled profiles, settings for Members reveal sections with demographic data.

1.2 2015.04.26 Tested importing user to WP Members with Cursillista CID stores as user metadata, for matching WP users with Cursillistas table in OC Cursillo database.  Test successful.

1.1 2015.04.25 Added unique field in WP user metadata for keying on OC Cursillo Cursillistas table.  Installed and tested plugins: tabbed posts/pages plugin, import users

1.0 2015.04.24 Moving forward with Members section as other projects (such as Grouping pages and Post Weekend welcome pages) hinge on this one.  To address item 2 in the scope above, this project can be launched with the commenting option disabled, and reset credentials credentials can be automated.

Installed and tested private members section


White paper for all administrative functionality

Description: Create documentation on how to administer website and database(s).


  • How-To documents can be referenced at any time
  • Can be used in addition to, or in replace of, formal training
  • Facilitates online administrative tasks which reduces paperwork (even though this project will be hard copy printed).

1.0 2014.11.11

  • How to Update Parish Reps – project completed
  • How to Post events – Project Planned
  • How to Post – Project Planned
    • Deacon’s Beacon
    • Calling All Cursillistas
    • News Items

Changes Log - Pending

Document Repository

Description: Establish a virtual place for all documents used in various events.


  1. Reduce duplicated effort for other Cursillistas
    1. So other people don’t have to work as hard as you did.
  2. Shared responsibility for updates
    1. So you don’t have to work as hard as you once did
  3. Secured access for the community and for posterity
    1. So everyone can still find documents when:
      1. They forgot to bring them to events
      2. the document holder(s) are out of town or otherwise unavailable
      3. accidental loss or destruction of the hard copy


  1. Is everyone willing to share?
  2. Will Google Docs Suffice?
  3. Can it be public?
Migrate Fifth Day data to Cursillistas DB

Description: Move all records of Fifth Day Cursillistas to the Cursillistas database

Benefit: Data will become relational, which means we will be able to look up information like:

  1. What date did the fifth day cursillista make his/her Cursillo weekend?
  2. Who worked the weekend with the fifth day cursillista?
  3. What weekends did my fifth day cursillista work and what were his/her duties?
  4. What contact information (address, phone, email) for those who knew my beloved fifth day Cursillista (team members from all weekends the fifth day Cursillista worked).  Etc.
  5. Information like this can be incorporated into a member pages in the future.


Photo Gallery

Description: Add a public photo gallery to the website.  Photos to include pictures taken at events as well as team/candidate photos from Cursillo weekends.

Benefit: Share inspirational and documentary photos with the community.


  1. Team/candidate photos
    1. Are there privacy issues?
  2. Event photos
    1. Who needs access to upload?
    2. Do we have data restriction in our hosting plan?
    3. Are there privacy issues?
Team Sign Up

Description: Create an online sign up sheet for joining the next Team.

Scope: Online form would automatically enter Cursillista into the Team table with status “Applied”.  Can be password protected to only be open during enrollments and on designated PCs at events.  Also could optionally be opened to public for all OC Cursillistas if requested.

Benefits: Would reduce manual entry for Secretary.

1.0 2014.11.11 – project in planning stages

Changes Log - Completed

Add Open Groups to Database

Description: Add Tony Provost’s open group spreadsheet to database and create an administrative page.


  1. Spreadsheet Version control
  2. Reduced work for volunteers
  3. Availability of data for Cursillistas
  4. Facilitates Grouping

Note: 2015.04.27 This project is deterred by the need to publicize personal contact information.  This project was completed and integrated with the Members Section project.

Dynamic Combined Team List

Description: Create a combined team list that automatically populates from the database and looks like the standard team list that the Secretary has created and distributed in PDF.


  1. Reduce Secretary workload.
  2. Effective document version control.
  3. Real time updates.

1.5 Logic for dynamic tables of Auxiliary, Cooks and Non-Assigned revised so each table works independently; cooks will not show when they are not assigned even though Auxiliary are assigned.  Stray closing row tag removed, fixes print issues.

1.4 Added Candidate page(s). Confirmed candidates auto-highlight.  All data is dynamic.  Required creating two new tables in the Database: Events, Event_Types.  These tables can only be populated by MySQL/MyPHPAdmin for now.

1.3 2015.02.11 Optimized MySQL Queries.  Page loads in a little over 1 second.  Need to add “Active” column for Cursillos to the Administrative page so that the secretary can activate the most current Cursillo number and the list will update auto-magically.

1.2 2015.02.10 Reworked MySQL and PHP.  Revised template – splashes removed.  Applied CSS, looks much like the PDF version now.  Page loads slow (relatively that is – less than 30 seconds), might possibly be User Defined functions in MySQL.  Test the page here:  Compare with the PDF here:

1.1 2015.01.23 Debugged PHP.  Need to make better template and apply CSS.

1.0 2015.01.17 MySQL code written.  Need to debug PHP.


Grouping Section

Description: Add a place to find open groups

Benefit: Easier placement of new Cursillistas in groups


  1. How do we presently collect grouping data?
  2. Do we want to collect grouping info in our database?
  3. Would or some such site work?
  4. Are there privacy issues?

Note: 2015.04.27 This project is deterred by the need to publicize personal contact information.  This project was completed and integrated with the Members Section project.

Menu and misc site changes
  1. Remove auction reservation form – the event is past.
  2. Post Dynamic Team/Candidates list
    1. Deprecate old online lists: keep “Lists” menu item but point it to the new Dynamic List since the old ones would become be redundant
    2. Deprecate old PDF list – the new dynamic one never needs updating, its auto-magic
  3. Remove Cursillo Beyond OC menu item
    1. All the sub items are duplicated in the Links section
    2. We need the menu space for other upcoming categories like
      1. Team
      2. Grouping
Next Cursillo Weekends

Description: Put next Cursillo Weekends dates up front on Home page

Benefit: Addresses one of the top reasons why people come to the website.

1.0 2015.06.25 Re-wrote post excerpts script to show by shortcode on the Posts page. Added MySQL script to pull next Cursillo dates where Cursillo Weekend is “Active” status. Styled separately for Desktop and mobile.

Parish Rep Maintenance Page

Description: Create a maintenance page for Parish-Rep Coordinator to update and insert Parish Representatives into database

Benefit: Allows Parish Rep Coordinator to effect real time updates as reps are assigned.

1.5 2014.11.11

  • Renamed table fields from alpha numeric to alpha only for compliance with PHP in management pages.
  • Revised PHP for Parish Rep front end page.  Renaming fields for management pages temporarily caused errors for visitors.

1.4 2014.11.10

  • Project completed and launched.

1.3 2014.11.04

  • SQL error debugged

1.2 2014.11.02

  • Modified management pages to include look-up wizard
    • to pull CID from Cursillistats table
    • to show Cusillista name rather than CID
    • SQL results bug persists

1.1 2014.10.18

  • Created new Parish Rep webpage
    • New query to load new parish data
    • SQL/PHP code replaces null records with Parish Rep Coordinator contact info
    • Style matches old form – seamless to user

1.0 2014.09.27

  • Migrated data to Cursillistats database
    • meets database management norms
    • keeps data relational
  • Created Deanery table
  • Created fields in Parishes table
    • Rep ID (2)
    • Rep Email IDs (2)
    • Rep Phone IDs (2)
    • Deanery ID
  • Added field to  Cursillista table
    • email2 – accommodates dedicated parish rep email






Post Cursillo Section

Description: Build a section on the website for documentation that the Post Cursillo Secretary usually hands out via CD at the Post Cursillo Ultreya.  May also contain videos from Lay Director and Deacon.  Should have clearly defined steps for new cursillista to follow:

Start here ==> Step One ==> Step Two==> etc.

Benefit: Reduces printing costs.  Eliminates CD burning time and cost.  Controls document versions.  Instant updates.  Encourages new Cursillistas to visit the website and familiarize themselves with content.

This project was cancelled.  Most if its parts were added to the Members section project.

1.0 2015.03.21 – Sent email asking for appointment with Post Cursillo Secretary to scope project.

1.0 2014.11.11 – Project in planning stages





Description: Launch webapp from 2013


  1. Local device save for PSA notes for grouping
  2. De Colores words in English and Spanish
  3. Easy access to top visited pages on the website:
    1. mobile optimized Palanca Form
    2. Events
    3. Schedule PDF
    4. Google Groups

 1.0 2014.11.10

  • Launched.  Link is last item in the menu: “App”
  • Here’s a quick link: Cursillo Web App