Today Christ is telling us about essentials. The Pharisees on the other hand were focused on their traditions. Many of these were good and were initiated to help people, but they lost sight of their meaning rather than strict observance of their traditions. The Pharisees replaced a loving relationship with rituals. So let’s get back to what is essential in our life in grace with Christ. Do I give more to my customs and likes, rather than what Christ asks of me through his church? Am I putting more focus on the means to the end rather than the end itself which is Christ ?
We live in a confusing world today where people call the bad, “good” and the good, “bad”. More than ever, we need to stay focused on the Lord so that we can discern what is right and good. We need to pray for the decisions we make especially during this Election Year. We need to stay focused on Christ to truly have peace in our hearts rather than just going through the “motions”. We need to call upon the Holy Spirit to help us be an example in our family, our neighborhood and world of Christ’s essentials.
Those true essentials are the fruits of the Spirit: love, peace, patience, joy, kindness, gentleness and self-control !
DeColores, Deacon Doug
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