Orange County Cursillo |
When we think about how to save something, we think about putting it in a safe place or in a bank. Jesus today seems to be telling us to do the opposite. Actually by telling us to “lose” our lives, Jesus is asking us not to hold on too tightly to our desires and plans. If we hold on too tightly we can’t embrace the plans and desires he has for each one of us. We may have to sacrifice something in order to serve him. Yet this is infinitely greater than anything we may have to give up.
Of course it isn’t easy to lose our lives in this way. Everyday there will be choices we will have to make. For example, choosing Netflix at the end of a hard day, or reading the Bible. Getting up for Mass in the cold, or spending some extra time in bed under the warm covers. Failing to listen to someone in need because we are preoccupied with something that seems more important or attractive at the time.
We are all tempted to “save” our lives by tucking ourselves safely away from the demands of loving and serving God and others. Just try to remember that the life God promises to give you is so much richer and joyful than the life you are trying so hard to save. Nothing will ever compare to it !
St. Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug