Reflection July 29 th – Luke 10 38-42

Today we hear the story of Martha and Mary when Jesus came to visit them. Martha wanted to serve Jesus by doing – keeping busy, having a spotless house and preparing a wonderful meal. Mary on the other hand chose to just sit and be present to Jesus, and give him
her undivided attention. When Martha complained to Jesus about Mary not helping her, Jesus told her that Mary has chosen the better way. In our prayer lives, are we like Martha or Mary. Like Martha, are we checking the box to get through our prayers, our rosaries, our devotions, or doing our liturgy of the hours. Or are we like Mary, simply sitting with being with Jesus and giving him our undivided attention and focused on deepening our relationship with Jesus. From this story, I think it’s clear what Jesus prefers.

De Colores, Deacon Kevin


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