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Our readings today are about God’s mercy towards all of us and a challenge to us to show mercy in the same manner. When Peter asked Jesus about showing mercy to one‘s neighbor, he characteristically offered an answer he thought Jesus would be pleased with. How about forgiving your neighbor a lot, say seven times ! Jesus however countered with the proposal of how about seventy times seven times. Peter must have been floored by this answer.
Jesus made it very clear that for God there is no limit to God’s mercy and forgiveness. He made it clear that to be forgiven, we must likewise always forgive those who hurt us. No matter how large or how small the hurt. For God it cost his very own son dying on the cross to free us from slavery from our sins so that we can love as he loves, forgive as he forgives, and treat others with the same mercy he has shown us.
God has made his peace with us through Jesus Christ. Have we made our peace with him ? If you believe, and accept God’s mercy and love for you, then you likewise must do the same towards others. Are you ready to make peace and forgive your neighbor as God has made peace with you ?
St. Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug


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