Greetings to all Cursillistas!
Have you been looking to serve Cursillo in another capacity? The Secretariat is currently looking to fill 2 positions. All positions are extremely important and needed in order to make this amazing movement, function appropriately.
The 2 positions that are currently open are:
  1. Pre-Cursillo: this position is for someone looking to find ways to bring more candidates and spark interest of those who are longing to find Christ, even if they don’t know they were looking for Him.
  2. School of Leaders: this position is for someone looking to carefully guide and continue the fire in all of our Cursillistas! Please note: should we not receive any candidates willing to take on this position, Cursillo weekends will be cancelled until we can fill the position as this position is vital to our movement.
Please consider these positions and pray that either yourself or someone may fill these positions and continue to push OC Cursillo to even greater heights so that we can keep the fire alive and burning!
If you are truly considering any of the 2 positions, please contact our Lay Director, Efrain Gutierrez, by sending an email:
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