We have just wrapped up another amazing pair of weekends at Divine Word which reminds me (yet again!) just how important our Movement is in transforming lives and environments.

Our next weekends will not be until October, however. This unusual gap was caused partly by a lack of dates at Divine Word and also the exciting prospect of us hosting the Cursillo National Encounter from July 31st to August 3rd.

The Encounter – similar to a National Convention – will attract nearly 1000 attendees from all around the country and will take place at Chapman University in Orange. It will give attendees the opportunity to hear talks on various Cursillo topics and, most enjoyably, to group and mix with our fellow Cursillistas from around the country.

Please go to the National website to register if you wish to attend at http://www.natl-cursillo.org. The residential rate is $335 including meals and there is a special “commuter” rate for those who will not be staying overnight. Please call the National office to register for the commuter package as the numbers are very limited: the residential package registration can be done online.

If you do not want to participate, please consider volunteering to help. A combined team of dedicated Cursillistas from the English, Spanish and Vietnamese cultures have been working on the organization for several months now to ensure we can show our visitors wonderful OC hospitality.

We have a lot of areas of responsibility including liturgy, transportation, fiesta, bookstore, music, and registration to name but a few. Think of this as a Holy Spirit Team on steroids and we will need lots of help! We will be starting sign ups for helpers at the School of Leaders this Saturday May 17th at La Purisima. If you cannot make that but wish to help please email me at lay-di…@occursillo.org and I will pass your name along.

Incidentally, we will be back to four pairs of weekends for the English Cursillo in 2015 and we will release the dates soon.

Lastly, please come and support our nearly 70 Cursillistas next Saturday both at the School of Leaders and the Grand Ultreya. A good turnout would be a fitting tribute to Deacon Doug, and Sheila’s, celebration of 35 Years of Diaconate service. Ad Multos Annos!

De Colores! Nick Williams