Dear Orange County Cursillistas;

We wanted to thank you for the incredible warm and loving send off. Your kind words and loving actions have given us strength to continue our journey towards our new life. As you know, when God sends us in a new direction the journey is difficult and tiring – often filled with doubt.

Thank heaven we have received so many affirmations and consolations from the Cursillo community. Your loving, supportive words and actions have given us the grace and strength to continue our journey, no matter the cost or difficulties. Thank you for your continued prayers.

We did sell our home right after Ron left. None of you will be surprised when we tell you that the offer came 3 days after Ron left California. We had to let go and let God do the rest!! However it has turned into a 90 day escrow since the buyers are using a VA loan which is difficult to obtain. So we ask that you please continue to pray that the sale proceeds according to plan. We do have another home in escrow back here, pending the sale of our California home.

Our new home, should close escrow sometime in late February or March. We’ll host an Ultreya at the new house next summer. Let us know of a date and we’ll have the house ready for company. It’s a one-story home on a lake (really a good sized pond) with a large basement and two extra bedrooms.

Thank you again for the wonderful send off. May each of you be richly blessed for all the gifts you so freely give to God and share with His loved ones. You will always be in our prayers.

In His name,
Deacon Ron and Debi Tiberi