My Fellow Cursillistas,

I am writing June’s “Calling All Cursillistas” a little early this month in conjunction with Deacon Doug, and we would like to encourage you to attend the upcoming National Cursillo Encounter. There is also a deadline for signing up for a reduced price.

This year’s Encounter will be held July 31st – August 3rd at Chapman University. Register by May 31st and receive a reduced price.

What is the National Encounter?
Every year the U.S. Cursillo community meets in a different location. This year they will be meeting at Chapman University from July 31st until August 3rd.

Nearly 1000 Cursillistas will come together in a spirit of Evangelization and Friendship! The Encounter includes several Rollos and Workshop sessions enriched with Daily Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, Reconciliation, Morning/Evening Prayers, Ultreya, Fiesta and more!

Why An Encounter?
We continue to nurture and deepen the three encounters discovered on the 3-Day Cursillo as we gather in an atmosphere of group reunion with self, Christ, and others to share our life of piety, study, and action through the best means: friendship!

Why Attend?
As the hosts of this year’s Encounter we have the unique opportunity to welcome attendees from all over the Country and show them the joy of living Cursillo, Orange County-style.
You will also gain some fascinating insights into the Movement with a keynote speaker who knew the Founder, Eduardo Bonnin very well.

As a volunteer am I able to attend the Encounter?
Due to staging costs and limited capacity, everyone must be registered to attend.

When does the Encounter begin? When does the Encounter begin?
The Encounter begins Thursday, July 31st.
Dinner: 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.
Opening event: 7:30 p.m. in the Chapman Auditorium.
The Encounter closes with breakfast on Sunday, August 3rd.

Here is the Top Ten List of Why to Attend the National Cursillo Encounter (as publicized around the country) (Deacon Doug isn’t the only one with a Top 10 List!!)
10. It’s in Orange County, California!
9. A chance to meet with fellow Cursillistas from around the country!
8. Hear talks about our Cursillo Movement
7. Talk with people who met Eduardo Bonnin (the Founder of Cursillo)
6. Interact with the English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Filipino Cursillo communities
5. Attend daily Mass, Adoration, an awesome Ultreya and Fiesta!
4. Make new friends!
3. Fellow Cursillistas from the Orange Diocese are already attending!
2. Hear Bishop Elizondo’s keynote talk “Cursillo and the New Evangelization”!
And the number 1 reason to attend the National Cursillo Encounter…
1. We need YOU to learn more about our Movement!

How Can I get More Information?
The attached flyer gives more details, FAQs and a detailed Agenda:

Registration Options:
Residential: includes meals and accommodations from Thursday evening, July 31st to Sunday morning, August 3rd.
Price: $335, if purchased by May 31st
$385 if purchased on or after June1st

To register visit: Please complete a separate form for each attendee.

Commuter: Includes everything except accommodations. Note: There are a very limited number of Commuter registrations. To register for this option, you must call Cursillo National at 512-746- 2020.

We look forward to seeing you there!

“Come and See”
Deacon Doug Cook, Spiritual Director
Nick Williams, Lay Director