Orange County Cursillo |
One of the first things Jesus does after his resurrection is to return to his disciples and breathe the Holy Spirit upon them. The work of Jesus did not end with his resurrection. He breathed the Holy Spirit upon them and sent them out to continue the work he had begun. Through Baptism and Confirmation, the risen Christ has given his Spirit to me and is now with me every second of the day as I seek to continue his work in my life today.
Like Nicodemus, many people are looking for tangible proof that God is real. When you obey the prompting of the Spirit, you make him visible to those around you. Although we can’t see the Spirit with our eyes, his movement will be hard to miss. Through you people will be able to feel his gentle call. Even better, they may be drawn by his powerful and loving embrace.
The Spirit is within me, by my side, and all round me. Jesus sent him to guide me, to comfort me, to strengthen me, and to give me peace.
What greater sign could I ask for ?
St. Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug