Orange County Cursillo |
One of the remarkable characteristics of Jesus in the Gospels was the way he was able to forgive. He forgave even people who didn’t deserve it. He forgave without delay. He forgave without asking people to earn it. He gave forgiveness as a gift, and he gave it to everyone.
Forgiveness he said, would be one of the characteristics of his followers. Forgiveness brings life. Forgiveness is the only option that brings life. I know that from my own life. I have received the Spirit of Jesus, and I’m supposed to be the best forgiver possible. I know however that sometimes I am not. Sometimes it’s hard to forgive.
Jesus’ words to his disciples are what they needed to soothe their anger and change their lives. Jesus is telling them to choose the path that will bring life to them and to the world around them. He tells them to do that, they have to forgive. His words are meant for us as well. His words brings comfort to us as we think about the last time we failed to forgive. Think about how St. Pope John Paul II forgave the person who attempted to kill him. It changed that person’s life. Think about how God’s forgiveness has changed my life !
St. Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug