Orange County Cursillo |
For those of us who teach in the RCIA, this time of year is known as Mystagogy. It is a 50 day period from Easter to Pentecost. It’s when church members, both new and old, deepen their understanding of their baptismal commitment. It should include the sprinkling rite during Mass. The word Mystagogy comes from the Greek which literally means “understanding the mystery.” And I would say there is much that is hard to understand.
Sometimes people think that faith is all or nothing. I’m either in or out. But faith has its ups and downs, and we need to be realistic about that. There will be days when I have doubts about my faith just as Thomas had doubts, but I need to remember that all is not lost.
There is no one who has not wondered why my expectations of God were not fulfilled by Him. There is no one who has not had doubts. Look at the lives of the Saints. However what I do with my hurts and doubts is the most important thing. I will never fully understand the mysteries, but I can bring my doubts and concerns to Jesus and tell him how I feel. He will always listen and show me the way to love and follow him.
St. Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug