Orange County Cursillo |
All four Gospels, in different ways, tell the story of the disciples’ encounters with the risen Lord. In each account, the disciples had a hard time believing Jesus had really risen. Perhaps the biggest reason for their unbelief was the way Jesus died. In his death he seemed weak and powerless. After all, if he was the Messiah, why did he let this happen ? If he was the Son of God, why didn’t he come down from the cross ? Why did he let Pontius Pilate have such power over him ? Why did he go through such a horrible ordeal as execution by crucifixion ?
When people are struggling with their faith they have many questions also such as: why didn’t God do something to save this dying child ? Why does my grandmother have to suffer so much ? Why does God let starvation and famine happen ? Why does God let there be so much hatred and evil in the world ? 
At Easter we see the disciples were finally able to believe because they could see that in the resurrection Jesus really did have the power to overcome suffering and death. Many times I go through the same struggle to believe. At those time I need to remember the resurrection. I need to have faith in the risen Lord who can overcome every evil, even suffering and death.
St. Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug