Not too many people, upon being released from prison, would return to the scene of the crime and repeat it. Yet that’s exactly what the apostles did.  The authorities commanded them not to teach about Jesus, but they couldn’t seem to stop.  Having just been released from prison, all they wanted to do was obey Jesus’ command to tell his good news to all people.  In Cursillo we call that Evangelization.

To do that we need to remember that evangelization is a work of human encounter,  not one of logical argument.  It means getting to know someone and gradually sharing your life in Christ with them.  In Cursillo we say; “make a friend, be a friend & bring that friend to Christ”!

During this time of altered activity  let’s reach out to those in need, show concern for their situation and give them hope in Christ.  It’s the way Jesus reached out to people he evangelized, by showing a true concern for them.  We have the ability to repair a wounded relationship or reconcile with a family member.

It doesn’t take much to share our faith.  Take the first step and just begin as we always do:  “Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of us your
faithful ……… !

DeColores, Deacon Doug


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