Orange County Cursillo |
At the end of John 6 we see those with him really struggling when he told them that they need to eat his flesh and drink his blood. The scriptures say that many of his followers left him because this was hard. The question is: do these hard words shake your faith ? Well they are supposed to ! They are supposed to cause us to think about our faith and the great gift of the Eucharist.
Peter and the disciples must have struggled with this as well, but look at how Peter responds when Jesus asks him if he was going to leave also. He says; “To whom shall we go ? You have the words of eternal life!” Even though Peter didn’t fully understand Jesus’ words at that moment, he was convinced that Jesus was the Messiah, the Son of God.
We too may find it hard to understand all the mysteries of our faith and may find some of Jesus’ words to be hard. Yet with the gift of faith God helps us to grow in our trust of his word and helps us to understand even his sayings that are hard. Jesus knew his teaching about the Eucharist would be hard for some. He also knows it may be difficult for us. So come to him in faith and trust that he will give you insight, one step at a time. Come to him and he will feed you !
St. Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug