Orange County Cursillo |
In our gospel today from John 21:1-14, the risen Jesus reveals himself to the seven disciples, and tells them again to go fishing after they have fished all night and caught nothing. They listened to him, threw out their nets and caught 153 large fish, but their nets did not tear.
People have debated for centuries the significance of the 153 fish, reaching no consensus. Some say there were 153 different species of fish in the world at the time. Others feel it is a combination of numbers of significance. What is more important is that the nets did not tear. First century fishing nets couldn’t hold that many large fish, so this was clearly divine intervention.
This miracle was for the apostles who were to later “fish for men”. The nets of the Church are limitless. Jesus didn’t want them to worry about how many people they are bringing into the Church, as the Church can hold them all. Through the Holy Spirit, their accomplishments, bringing people into the Church, will be far greater than they can do on their own. Let us remember this Gospel and our mission as we cast our net and fish for people.
De Colores, Deacon Kevin