On our last Pilgrimage to the Holy Land, we were scheduled to have Mass in Magdala. However a bicycle race around the Sea of Galilee closed all the roads to vehicle traffic. At the last minute we were able to schedule a Mass early in the morning on Mt. Tabor. We were the first ones on the mountain and it was one of the most spiritual Masses I have ever attended. Words cannot describe what we all felt at that Mass. What is so awesome is that it was purely by accident. We had plans, but God had other plans !
Whatever happened on Mt . Tabor within the hearts of Peter, James and John, we will never know. Their experience was more than words can describe. But certainly, the three Apostles had an experience of the glory of Jesus, the Son of God. This event follows shorty after Jesus’ description of the suffering he would endure prior to his glorious resurrection.
This is important for us to reflect upon today. Suffering and glory are inextricably linked in the mind of Jesus. The next time you suffer greatly, never forget this message !!
DeColores, Deacon Doug
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