Orange County Cursillo |
Whether our universe was created in a few days or a few billion years, one truth is clear. God is the one who started it all. He created everything out of nothing and he sustains it by the power of his love. I worked for a company who made the lenses for the Hubble Space Telescope. When I first saw the pictures it sent back to earth I was amazed ! Although science has important truths to reveal, when I saw those pictures, there was no doubt in my mind that only God could have designed this magnificent sight. No scientist can also fully explain how that first spark of life emerged on our planet either.
Today would be a good day to thank God for putting us on the beautiful planet, right now, right where you are. Not only has he created the sun, the stars, mountains and the oceans, but he also brought you into existence. You are unique and made in his image, and deeply loved by him.
Yet with blessings also comes responsibility. God wants us to tend to this world and all its many creatures so that it may continue to sustain us. That’s part of our Catholic Social Teaching. When you care for God’s creation, you are treasuring this gift and preserving it for future generations. When you carefully attend to the creation God loves, you become an expression of his own love for the world.
St.Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug