Orange County Cursillo |
Can anything on earth truly satisfy the hunger we experience for God ?
The crowd that was with Jesus for three days were hungry for something more than just physical food. They hung on every word Jesus said because they were hungry for God. Yet when the time came he fed their physical needs also just as God fed their ancestors with manna in the desert.
He not only fed them, but he fed them in abundance. The Gospel records that when they finished eating they had seven baskets of food left over. God always gives us more than we need or deserve so that we may have enough to share with others as well. In my life I have an abundance of food and plenty of other stuff as well. Am I willing to share what I have with those who have very little ?
This miracle today also reminds us of God’s gift of the Eucharist which nourishes us in abundance and sustains us for our earthly journey. When we receive from the Lord’s table we unite ourselves to Jesus Christ, who makes us sharers in his Body and Blood. As bodily food give us strength, so the Eucharist strengthens us in charity to be firmly rooted in the love of Christ. As we approach Lent, do we truly hunger for Jesus, the true “bread of life”?
St. Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug