Orange County Cursillo |
Tomorrow we begin our Lenten journey. I used to travel a lot for business when I worked in Aerospace and took many interesting journeys. Many trips we all take can last days or even weeks to complete. Journeys have their ups and downs. We really don’t expect everything to go smoothly. If we are going to fly we expect delays at the airport or with our connections. If we are driving across the country we can expect road closures and bad weather. We prepare for those things and deal with them as they come up.
Oftentimes, when people go along the journey of Lent and something goes wrong, for example you break your Lenten resolution, people think their Lenten observance is ruined. However a lot better way to deal with Lent is the way we deal with every other long and difficult journey. We don’t cash it in but work through the problems.
I don’t expect Lent to be a perfect journey. It too will have ups and downs. But I can make a good start and deal with the disappointments along the way. My goal is Easter and right now that’s a long way off. I’m ready for the long haul. I’ll deal with whatever obstacles I encounter along the way. Remember, you are not on the journey alone !
St. Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug