Orange County Cursillo |
In today’s Gospel, Matthew 5:20-26, Jesus is pointing out to the crowds that they must be better than the scribes and Pharisees who are living by the letter of the law, but not by the spirit of the law.  He says not only if you kill will you be liable to judgement, but even if you are angry with someone or call them a fool, you will face judgement in heaven. 
Jesus is telling them that the spirit of the law is love, and that anger and mistreatment of people has spiritual consequences. He tells them that before they come to the altar of Church, they need to make things right with anyone with which they have conflict. He wants them to resolve their issues and put anger aside so they will be open to a relationship with God. How can we expect a relationship with God if we are not in relationship with others?
Let this scripture cause us to evaluate our lives. 
Are we living by the letter or the spirit of the law?
Are we seeking forgiveness from God, yet not granting forgiveness to others?
Let us mend any issue we have with our brothers and sisters, then come to God with a clean heart.
It is only then, that we will be open to all that God has to offer us!
De Colores, Deacon Kevin