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Mark today says that Jesus was transfigured before them. The Greek word Mark used is similar to the English word metamorphosis. As described by Mark, the Transfiguration is a change in Jesus’ appearance where the brightness and beauty of the spiritual reality of Jesus came to the surface. The disciple could see for a moment what was in Jesus all the time.

The Greek word for transfiguration used by Mark is used two other times in the Scriptures, both by Paul. He uses this word to describe a change, not on Jesus, but in his. For Paul this transfiguration is suppose to happen in my life also. It happens when I let the brightness and beauty of God’s life within me shine forth for others to see.

The brightness of God’s life within me may not shine forth like the spectacular scene in today’s Gospel, but it still shines. In my life the brightness shines forth in my love, in my smile, in my acts of forgiveness, and especially for me in my hugs. That’s why the kids in the parish call me Deacon Hug, not Deacon Doug. As we continue our Lenten journey, today would be a good day to let God’s brightness shine forth for others to see !

St. Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug