Orange County Cursillo |
Today Jesus tells his disciples to travel light. Life is too short to be weighed down with excess baggage. The reason for traveling light is not because these things are evil. I’m not supposed to travel through life trying to avoid being contaminated by material things. These things of themselves are not evil. I am called to use the material things of this earth and enjoy them.
So why travel light ?
First, the accumulation of things can get in the way with my relationship with people. Things are good, but people are the most important.
Second, the concern for things can bog me down. A lot of time and energy are consumed trying to maintain all my “stuff “. 
I was created by God to grow and to journey on the great adventure we call life. The more things we pile up, the less we are able to move freely along God’s path. I become less of a traveler and more of a tourist !!
St. Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug