Orange County Cursillo |
Jesus tells his disciples to come away and rest for awhile. At my age that sounds really good. In fact every day I try to take a short nap to refresh myself. On Cursillo I take a nap on both Friday and Saturday afternoons. Bill Crawford was the first to tell me I needed a nap to make it through those long and difficult weekends.
What is true physically is even more true spiritually. It’s important in our life of grace to spend time whenever possible simply resting with the Lord. As we try to be quiet before the Lord, most of us find a to-do list forming almost instantly in our minds. We think about all those things that are left undone. We stress over what we still need to do.
Instead, breathe deeply and let the tension drain away. Try to picture Jesus there with you. Use music if it helps. But don’t be afraid of long periods of silence. Good friends often sit together silently enjoying each other, not needing to say anything. If a thought arose that seems to be from the Lord, ponder it for a while. Even if you don’t feel God’s presence, believe that he is there. You have answered his invitation to “come away … and rest for awhile.” You can count on him to refresh and renew you !
St. Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug