Orange County Cursillo |
I’ve noticed that lies and mis-statements travel like the speed of light these days, thanks to the internet ! The truth however moves at a much slower speed. I suppose this has always been true, which is why St. Paul tells us not to get discouraged. The fact is we cannot let discouraging results steer us from proclaiming the truth whether it’s concerning the dignity of life or the truth about marriage.
Jesus tells us that if we acknowledge him before others, he will acknowledge us before his Heavenly Father. However if we deny him before others, he will deny us before his Heavenly Father. Thus we must never stray from the truth. So many times the temptation is there to muffle our faith and to keep silent about standing up for the truth. We say nothing when a fellow Catholic defends abortion or same sex marriage. Sometime we chalk up this silence to “tolerance “.
Christ never said to his disciple to go forth and be tolerant in all things. Rather he said go forth and make disciples of all nations. This can be tough, because attacks can come from all sides. Yet He never said it would be easy. He only promised you it would be worth it !
St.Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug