Orange County Cursillo |
In today’s Gospel of Matthew 10:34-39 Jesus says, “Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake, will find it. Finding their life means living for themselves, and losing their life means living for others.
I had a priest call me a “loser” one time, and no, it wasn’t in the confessional! He heard my story of having a child at age 50 and entering diaconate formation. The world said: why would you have another child when your older children were out of the house and you could be empty nesters, and why would you become a deacon when you are almost retired and can do anything you want with your life? The priest was referring to this Gospel. He commented that I was losing my life for Jesus’ sake, by answering these calls. 
This Gospel may cause us to reflect on our lives. Are we living for ourselves, or are we answering Jesus’ call to live for others?
De Colores,  Deacon Kevin