Orange County Cursillo |
The goal of all of Jesus’ signs is to bring about a change of heart in his people. Even in the Old Testament, the signs and wonders done by Yahweh were to elicit a response of faith from Israel. The danger for them, and us, is to expect to see signs from God and to demand signs as proof God had spoken to us. I sometimes feel that we are like Herod and want to be dazzled by Jesus. Yet Jesus never worked a miracle in order to impress people. His miracles were to bring about a conversion in people and to draw them closer to God.
In our gospel today, Jesus says that Tyre and Sodom and Sidon will be judged according to what they knew. They will not be judged by Christian standards that they did not have access to at the time. We can assume that we will be judged in our time from what we know to be true. More will be expected from those to who more had been revealed. Accordingly we believe there will be graduated levels in heaven and in hell based upon how much we knew to be true and from God. 
And so today we have many signs to help us believe. We have the Scriptures, we have the Eucharist, we have the church, and we have our brothers and sisters in Christ. We should be totally impressed by a God who loves us so much that he sent his own Son to die on the cross for our salvation. No greater sign is there than to gaze upon the crucifix. So don’t look for earthquakes and mighty deeds that will shake you to the core. The signs are here and they are loving and gentle and all around you !
St. Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug