Orange County Cursillo |
The paralytic and his companions show up looking for Jesus with concern for the man’s physical health. This, however, was not first on Jesus’ priority list. His first priority is the condition of the man’s soul. For God the only things that can really hurt us are the obstacles of sin. Sin is the only real problem we should be concerned about. They came looking for a physical healing from Jesus and were amazed when he first said; “Your sins are forgiven.”
I read this recently and thought it was something to ponder :
“For God, the problem of life is not about problems. Problems are merely the pretext God sends to heal and develop our relationship with him.”
Now that’s something to pray about !
Today, take a few minutes to consider how God heals us and is always there to forgive our sins. Reflect upon how we respond to his mercy. When we are tempted to doubt, ask God for the grace to trust in his goodness and care. Then choose to believe that he is a God who promises forgiveness, and trust that he always keeps his promises.
St. Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug