Orange County Cursillo |
Many important events happen on mountaintops in the Scriptures. Today Moses goes up the mountain to receive the Ten Commandments from God. Elijah goes up the mountain to experience God passing by the entrance to the cave. Jesus goes up the mountain to teach the Beatitudes and to feed the 5000.  We go up the mountain at Divine Word to experience a Cursillo Weekend. Bishop Vann has told us that he really likes having a mountaintop experience for Cursillo and says it’s good for people to “go away” by themselves to be more open to God’s word and receive the treasure of his love.
In different ways we all experience the desire for unconditional love and to answer our deepest questions. In Christ, God has come to give himself to us. He is the one we truly long for and he is the greatest treasure we can find. I think those who have lived a Cursillo Weekend have found this treasure. Unpacking this treasure should be the work of our spiritual life and the goal of our journey here on earth.
So today ask God to fill you with joy over the treasure available to you. It’s not easy to follow him in our society today, but with every treasure, there is a cost. Yet the riches God has for us is worth any cost. Remember that even when the cost seems high, the treasure of his love is so much greater ! 
St. Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug