Orange County Cursillo |
John the Baptist had been sent to prepare the way for Christ. He was a witness to the holiness of God. He tried to awaken in people the sense of sin and need for repentance. He spoke clearly about this and was afraid of no one. The message of John was bothersome to King Herod. Sometimes the voice of God in my conscience is bothersome to me also. Sometimes it reminds me of things I need to change in my life.
When Herod then hears about Jesus it immediately reminds him of John the Baptist and his conscience is troubled. He knew in his heart that he had killed a man of God. He knew in his heart he would have to answer for that act. The presence of Christ gave him a second reminder to repent, but he did not take advantage of that opportunity.
In my own life, how many times does God have to remind me of my call to holiness ? Do I realize how much mercy God has already shown me ? What is it that’s holding me back from him ? What are the areas of my life that need to change ? Today let us pray for the grace to change in my life what offends God so that I may live a life that is truly pleasing to Him.
St. Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug