Orange County Cursillo |
In today’s Gospel of Matthew 9:18-26, Jesus is on his way to heal Jarius’s daughter when a woman touches him and he feels his healing power leave him. In that society she is judged an outsider with three strikes against her: she is a woman alone, she is poor, and she is unclean with a hemorrhage. Jesus goes against everything that society stands for. He doesn’t see her through the eyes of society, he sees her through the eyes of love.
How do we see people? Do we see through the eyes of the world, or do we see as Jesus does? Who are the people that our society judges unclean today? What about the man asking for money on the offramp?  What about the people we see living in the streets? Do we pre-judge them through our worldly eyes, or do we see them as Jesus would like us to see them – and get to know their story?
This gospel is also about how we see ourselves. The woman with the hemorrhage had incredible courage. She believed in Jesus’s healing power so much, she knew that all she had to do was touch his cloak and she would be healed. Are we letting society label us, and are those labels keeping us from reaching out for Jesus’ healing love? Or do we see ourselves as Jesus sees us?
De Colores,  Deacon Kevin