Orange County Cursillo |
Today we see Jesus sending out his twelve apostles, and we see a listing of their names. In the twelve we see how God, through Jesus, wished to build up his kingdom. This is the model he choose to spread his word. If there had been no response from his apostles, then the word would not have spread. Jesus’ ministry is a shared ministry through others. Have I meditated recently on my call to follow him and spread his word ? Do I see this call linked to my family and my job ? How have I responded to it ?
Jesus called the twelve freely, and they responded to that call freely. He did not send a legion of angels down to coerce them or even try to impress them. He merely prayed to the Father for them; and that’s how he calls us. He calls us freely and waits for us to freely accept his invitation. Our vocation to follow him is not a matter of us wanting it badly. It’s not a question of our talents but rather an awareness of God calling and us freely accepting.
What we are called for in this life, no one else can fulfill. We are ALL called by name. When he calls us he already knows our flaws and weaknesses. He didn’t ask the twelve for their resume’ or to look at their SAT scores. So when he calls you, listen carefully, because his call is very gentle. He needs you to continue his dialogue of love in your family, your job, and in your world ! No one can do this for you !
St. Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug