Orange County Cursillo |
Sometimes it seems to me that following Christ is hard in today’s culture in that we have to give up certain things. But this is true for any major commitments in life, you simply have to give up some things. In marriage for example, you relinquish certain individual freedoms such as autonomous decision making and total financial control. Yet you make this choice willingly because in return you get love, companionship, and family. 
When I commit to being a follower of Jesus I have to give up some things as well. Perhaps some individual freedom, or perhaps some previous relationships. When I went to Cursillo and had a radical change of heart, some of my friends left because they didn’t like being with a “church nut”. I found new friends quickly and they turned out be the best kind of friends. 
A disciple makes that choice willingly because of the blessings that come with following Christ. We are called to live a wonderful life and to recognize what a gift it is to be so loved by the Lord. The world just doesn’t get it ! Let us pray that somehow Jesus will soften the hearts of those who don’t believe and see in us the joy of living in Christ !
St. Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug