Orange County Cursillo |
Today Jesus talked about a tiny mustard seed that grows into one of the largest of all bushes. We know that for a seed to grow it needs water, oxygen and sunlight. A few years ago during the excavation of an Egyptian Pharaoh, they found ancient seeds buried with him. As an experiment, they planted the seeds, watered them, made sure they got plenty of sunlight, and behold the seeds eventually grew.
We have the seeds of faith planted within us. For some of us that was a long time ago. For these seeds to grow they need to be watered by the Scriptures, get the oxygen of love, and the radiant sunshine from the Eucharist. If our seeds of faith receive these important elements they will grow. If they receive more of these elements, such as daily Mass, the more they will grow.
When a grain of wheat is planted it produces many grains of wheat with hundreds of new seeds that multiply many times. That’s exactly what God wants from us as well. We need to grow in our faith so that our seed may produce many new converts and cause our faith to grow multiple times. The Bishop of Phoenix, Thomas Olmsted, said we need to invite fallen away Catholics back to Mass. He also said this is hard to do. So he suggested that we take them to Adoration first. He is convinced that the seed of faith planted in their lives will begin to grow there.
What an awesome idea. So this Sunday let us plan to go and plant some seeds !
St. Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug