Today is the feast of The Body and Blood of Christ.  What a great day to open up our churches once again !

Last week as I was coming out of Vons Grocery Story with my mask on, a lady came up to me and said; “Deacon can I ask you a question”?  I have to admit that with her face mask and sun glass I didn’t recognize who she was.  The more we talked and based upon what she said, I eventually knew her and recognized her.  The question for us is do we recognized Jesus in the Eucharist ? We have been away for a while, but he is not wear any kind of mask.  Do we recognize him ?  This is key to our faith and it is what makes us different from other Christians.

Today many of us are filled with gratitude as we came forward to once again receive his body.  We reflect upon God’s incredible generosity who nourished us and strengthens us during these difficult times.  A God who loves us so much he offers his very self to us in the Eucharist that we might have eternal life.

The Eucharist for us is true food and true drink.  I believe today happened  just in time because I felt in watching TV that life itself was being drained out of us.

Today we rejoice !! If you are like me I felt today like shoutIng ……..

DeColores, Deacon Doug


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